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Additional Information The Polk County Property Appraiser

Answer What is the job of the Property Appraiser?

Answer How does the Property Appraiser determine fair market value?

Answer Can I report exemption fraud to the Property Appraiser's office?

Answer When is the Polk County Property Appraiser's Office closed?

Answer Glossary of Terms

Additional Information Assessment Limitations - Capping

Answer What is Amendment 10 - Save Our Homes?

Answer What properties qualify for the Save our Homes benefit?

Answer Does "Save Our Homes" apply to homestead parcels with an agricultural classification?

Answer Does “Save Our Homes” apply to homestead parcels with multiple buildings?

Answer How do improvements or additions affect “Save Our Homes”?

Answer How is property with a partial homestead exemption affected?

Answer How does the assessment limit “Save Our Homes” apply?

Answer What is the so-called “Recapture” rule?

Answer What happens when a property is sold or otherwise conveyed to a new owner?

Answer Is there an assessment limitation available for non-homesteaded properties?

Answer Will I have to apply for this?

Answer Can I get this on my homesteaded property?

Answer What does "non-homesteaded property" mean?

Answer Will the 10% cap reduce my taxes?

Answer Does this mean my assessment will go up by 10% each year?

Answer Is the 10% cap applied to all millage rates?

Answer If I purchase a property that has received the benefit of this 10% cap, will my assessment be the same as the prior owner's assessment?

Answer What if there is a change in ownership or control that isn't recorded in the form of a deed, does this trigger a reassessment?

Additional Information Deeds and Ownership

Answer If I recorded my Deed, why do your records not show the parcel in my name?

Answer How do I prepare a Deed to transfer my property?

Answer How do I remove an owner from the title to property?

Answer How do I add another owner to my property?

Answer Can you give me the name of a real estate salesperson in this area?

Answer Can you recommend a surveyor in Polk County?

Answer Can you recommend an attorney in Polk County?

Answer How do I convey my homestead property into a trust?

Answer How can I change the mailing address on my parcel?

Answer How can I find the easement to a parcel?

Additional Information Exemptions

Answer What is the homestead exemption?

Answer What is the additional homestead exemption?

Answer What is the widow's or widower's exemption?

Answer What is the disability exemption?

Answer What is the veterans exemption?

Answer What is the V-7 exemption?

Answer Who qualifies for total exemption of homestead from taxation?

Answer What is the senior exemption?

Answer What is the granny flat exemption?

Answer What is the conservation exemption?

Answer What is the assessment reduction for property used for land conservation?

Answer What is the deployed military exemption?

Answer What happens to surviving spouses of first responders?

Answer What property is entitled to tax exemption?

Answer How does the death of the property owner affect the homestead exemption?

Answer How does the marriage, remarriage, or divorce affect the homestead exemption?

Answer What if I fail to notify the Property Appraiser's Office of significant life changes?

Additional Information GIS/Mapping

Answer What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

Answer What can a GIS do?

Answer Why does the Polk County Property Appraiser use a GIS?

Additional Information Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles

Answer How does Florida classify mobile homes for tax purposes?

Answer How does Florida classify recreational vehicles for tax purposes?

Answer When are mobile home/recreational vehicle license plates or decals required?

Answer Can my mobile home/recreational vehicle qualify for the tangible personal property exemption?

Answer Where can I find additional information on registrations, renewals and title transfers?

Additional Information Real Estate Assessment

Answer What does the term Market Value mean?

Answer How does the Property Appraiser's Office evaluate property?

Answer How are my taxes affected by the appraised value?

Answer What if I disagree with the Property Appraiser's market value appraisal?

Answer Will I see a decrease in the market value of my home due to the slowdown in the housing market?

Answer My market value came down, but my assessed value went up. Explain that to me

Answer What is the difference between market value and selling price?

Answer What effect does House Bill 743 (Mortgage fraud) have on my property assessment?

Answer What is portability?

Answer Do I need to apply for portability?

Answer How much of my Save our Homes benefit can I transfer?

Answer What is agricultural classification?

Additional Information Tangible Personal Property

Answer What is tangible personal property?

Answer Who is required to file a Tangible Personal Property Tax return?

Answer Where can I obtain a Tangible Personal Property tax return form?

Answer I have multiple sites, do I need to file multiple forms?

Answer What are the definitions for sites and freestanding property?

Answer What are the important deadlines and penalties?

Answer I am no longer in business, should I still file the return?

Answer What if I have old equipment that has been fully depreciated and written off the books?

Answer Do I have to report assets that I lease, loan, rent, borrow, or are provided in the rent?

Answer If I rent my furnished home or condo for a few months, should I file a Tangible Personal Property tax return?

Answer Is there a minimum value that I do not have to report?

Answer Who is responsible for the taxes if I buy or sell an existing business during the year?

Answer What is the Tangible Personal Property Exemption?

Answer Is a Mobile Home considered Real or Tangible Personal Property?

Answer How does the Tangible Personal Property exemption affect mobile homes?

Answer Do I need to apply for the Tangible Personal Property Exemption?

Answer Where can I find the depreciation schedules?

Answer How can I file for an extension?

Answer What do I report on my TPP return?

Answer What value is given to Personal Property?

Answer Should Leasehold Improvements be reported?

Answer What if I don't agree with the assessed value?

Answer Additional Tips and Suggestions

Additional Information Tax Roll and TRIM

Answer What is a TRIM notice?

Answer What are the important dates and deadlines for the tax roll process?

Answer Can the Property Appraiser lower my taxes or change my tax rates?


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