Polk County Property Appraiser Website Help File

How to Print a PRC

To print a Property Record Card (PRC)  from the Website:

       1. Go to www.polkpa.org


       2. Go to Property Search

      • Enter in your criteria for search
      • When the results are returned, click the appropriate parcel ID  number to access the Parcel Details page
      • Once on the parcel details page, there will be two icons in the upper right corner for PRC. You can choose between displaying the PRC in PDF or HTML format. The HTML version of the PRC is ADA compliant. 
      • Click one of the PRC icons and the PRC will open in another tab.

Parcel details page with both the PRC and HTML PRC icon indicated

PRC example Page 1

PRC example page 2

3. To Print, locate your browsers printer icon, normally in the browser toolbar in the top right corner of the page, and click to print the PRC.

PDF Toolbar with the Printer icon indicated